fitness training of female bodies

fine arts of erotic beauty

Resource I.

psychic and sensual perception of erotic shapes

Erotic beauty of harmony.
Body training before sea tours.

The human civilization possesses void perception of the world as people cannot realize the invisible validity which surrounds mankind.
Therefore human knowledge are void, and also the erotic arts are void as correspond with conditional and subjective understanding of a world nature, and principles of a beauty and harmony which are shown in psychic and sensual perception of erotic shapes.

The shown erotic figures can be present on a facade of exercise rooms and shaping fitness clubs which are focused on formation and training of a beauty harmonious female body, and in particular shaping or fitness clubs which are focused on trainings with exercise equipment by aerobics and rhythmic gymnastics.
Or figures of female bodies of this gallery can illustrate advertising leaflets of gym exercise rooms in fitness services. Namely can illustrate articles about medical weight loss supplements and diet programs for therapy of obesity, about healthy lifestyle and fitness equipment for body care, about spa massage exercises and aromatherapy.
And also erotic female bodies can be illustrations in advertising leaflets of tourism services and travel agencies as women are engaged in fitness and shaping body training before beach travels and sea tours.
And also sensual shapes of this art gallery can be actual on booklets of tourist permits as actually sea tours and travel cruises are "show exhibitions and expositions" of human bodies.
Namely the interfaced information themes are fitness training for sea cruises and art exhibitions of beauty female bodies.


People do not see geometrical structures according to which the world is arranged, and consequently visible harmony of shapes seems casual and inexplicable.
The contemporary arts and including erotic art drawings or paintings are comparable to a visible human perception of a nature, and consequently casual lines in graphic representations or casual combinations of paints seem beautiful. But sensual beauty does not grow out accidents, and does not grow out casual actions of artists as original sensual beauty submits to geometrical formulas of harmony which has a mathematical substantiation.
erotic beauty of harmony for facades of exercise rooms and fitness clubs

Erotic beauty of harmony for facades of exercise rooms and fitness clubs.


shaping and body training before travels and sea tours

Art ratio of harmony for advertising leaflets of gym exercise rooms or fitness services.

Artists can find casual ratio of lines and paints, and can coordinate lines of erotic drawings with formulas of harmony casually, but in essence casual art creativity is void as subjective actions of artists correspond with doubtful knowledge about a world nature, and consequently casual drawings or paintings with the big share of probability can break beauty of harmony.
In visible world there are natural and obvious geometrical ratios in which measurements of harmony are shown.
Spiral forms of sea shells or shapes of various herbs and flowers or other plants, and also many other shapes of a world nature can be considered as the perfect curves (templates), and it is possible to commensurate proportions of art drawings or paintings and other erotic images with the visible natural shapes.
art harmony for advertising leaflets of gym exercise rooms or fitness services

Mathematical ratio of harmony for articles about weight loss supplements and diet programs for therapy of obesity.

bodies of people and exact parameters of absolute harmony

Figures of absolute drawings as illustrations in advertising leaflets of travel services.

A human body is the absolute measure of a world nature, namely according to shapes of a body it is possible to measure forms of surrounding space and to calculate proportions of natural objects existing in the world. But it is necessary to consider that each human body is connected with a psychic individuality, and consequently corporal figures of people do not correspond with exact parameters of absolute beauty or harmony. Namely show exhibitions or displays of individual body parameters in some cases is distortion of ideal proportions.
And also artists can see and draw the deformed shapes, and can create the deformed erotic pictures. But if an artist realizes ideal measurements and absolute proportions of human bodies then can distinguish the invisible world nature, and can understand beauty of erotic harmony according to which the world is created.
Above entrance in the temple of The Delphic Oracle it was written that a man should learn itself to learn the world.
In essence universal words have been written above entrance in the Delphic temple. Owing to these words people have created wonderful Greek sculptures which grow out knowledge of ideal proportions and perfect erotic harmony of a human body.
sensual shapes of art gallery for spa massage before sea tours or cruises

Sensual shapes of art gallery for spa massage before sea tours or cruises.

exhibition of beauty female bodies for fashion industry and the unified sizes

Art exhibition of a beauty female body for fashion industry and proportions of top models.

The modern world and fashion industry measure proportions of top models and erotic beauty of female bodies in the unified sizes, but the valid harmony is absolute and cannot be connected with the unified sizes and individual sights of fashion designers on a beauty.
Therefore it is very difficult to see the valid erotic beauty or otherwise to tell eternal sensual beauty of a body in products of the modern arts.



About sensuality in advertising leaflets or booklets of travel agencies and fitness equipment for a beauty of female bodies.
And also about gym training or healthy diets in shaping clubs and also spa massage before sea tours or cruises.