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graphic drawings are the fine arts of tracing lines and metrics of a beauty

Art drawings or erotic figures.
Proportions and metrics of a beauty.

Graphic drawings are the fine arts of tracing lines.
Any sets of wavy lines or geometrical curves can be perceived as graphic drawings because in any chaos of casual lines it is possible to see art sense, but however any drawing becomes realized as a piece of fine arts if lines form a plot.
In particular drawings form erotic art pieces if graphic lines are traced according to shapes of a beauty female body.

Sketches of the shown erotic figures can be applied as banners of modeling agencies and design fashion shows, and also as banners or illustrations in catalogs of clothing and fashionable clothe boutiques or shops.
In particular erotic figures can be elements of scenery in shops of female or men's underwear or otherwise tell in dry goods or haberdashery boutiques, or can be used by modeling agencies and fashion designers which model female or men's underwear, and organize fashion shows of wear accessories for women. As drawing lines of the shown figures can symbolize erotic female lingerie or linen, namely can be symbols of sensual impressions which associate with body-clothing if design models of haberdashery goods of clothing is commensurable to proportional metrics of a beauty female body.
Namely the interfaced marketing themes are female or men's underwear and agencies of fashion models.


Erotic drawings can be created by a man or without participation of a man if graphic lines have resulted from accident, but in any case erotic sense and sensual beauty of a drawing is distinguished by human consciousness and sensuality.
It is possible to follow existing shapes and to find art senses in casual phenomena of the visible world, or it is possible to create and model conscious lines which repeat existing erotic shapes of beautiful female bodies.
Anyhow, but art essence of erotic drawings is on a tip of man's pencil and is determined by movement of a hand, and consequently sensual beauty grows out actions of a man.
erotic sense of illustrations in catalogs of clothing and fashion shops

Sensuality of a female figure as proportions and metrics of a beauty.


erotic shapes for fashion designers of female or men's underwear

Proportional ratio of lines as art drawing or erotic shapes.

People can be mistaken and consequently lines of erotic drawings can be incorrect, but nevertheless human actions have a sufficient degree of expediency and consequently men can create beautiful erotic shapes.
It seems that art drawings are created by voluntary or involuntary movements of a pencil which is in a human hand, but actually movements are corrected and coordinated with spontaneous processes following which a plot or art design is carried out. It is possible to tell that creation of erotic drawings reminds construction or modeling of geometrical figures where incorrect movement or a wrong decision can break proportional ratio and beauty of an ideal female body.
Human bodies possess complex ratios of wavy lines and geometrical curves which can be realized as art drawings or erotic figures.
If to allocate in all shapes of a human body such basic lines which determine key erotic contours then these lines are proportionally coordinated and follow laws of a beauty, and in essence are coordinated with principles of a perfect harmony. Hence, correct lines of a female body and also ideal erotic shapes can be drawn according to laws of geometry and principles of harmony.

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drawing figures can symbolize erotic female lingerie

Harmony of geometry for fashion models and men's underwear.

beautiful female shapes according to laws of geometry

Erotic linear ratio as metrics of beauty female bodies.

It would be desirable to think that art lines of the shown erotic drawings in this gallery do not contradict geometry of ideal shapes and perfect harmonies of beautiful female bodies.
Some lines of my drawings do not correspond to usual human proportions, but these are the stressed lines which intentionally designate the most appreciable geometrical features of erotic shapes from my point of view.
Not all lines are perfect and ideal but each drawing justifies existence if comprises even one beautiful linear ratio.


in any chaos of casual lines it is possible to see sense fashionable underwear are traced according to a human beauty sensuality of graphic arts in the visible casual phenomena erotic linear ratio as metrics of beauty female bodies appreciable geometrical features of sensual shapes graphic arts of fashion haberdashery accessories for women

Geometrical features of female shapes as graphic arts for fashion designers.



About sensuality of graphic arts and designers of fashion female or men's underwear and clothing accessories for women.
And also about erotic impressions and fashionable clothes which are proportional to metrics of beauty female bodies.