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concepts of body shapes

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female body and impression of a sensuality

Sensuality of body shapes.
Art concepts of erotic figures.

The art concept of the presented graphic drawings or erotic figures is visual comprehension of beauty harmonious proportions which form a human body and make impression of a sensuality or erotisme, or otherwise to tell are the reason of erotic perception of beauty full shapes of a female body.

The shown erotic figures of female bodies can be involved as labels or name tags of cosmetic and perfume production, and in particular cosmetics for body care, and also medical health care facilities which are intended for preservation of beauty and youth of a body. Or medical cosmetic facilities which are intended for massage and physiotherapeutic procedures keeping beauty and youth a skin.
For example, the shown female figures can be considered as pictures on labels of cosmetic creams for sunburn, and including creams for sunburn in sun decks or sun lounges or solariums. Or as pictures for labels of cosmetic ointments which protect a skin from influence of solar beams and keep beauty.
Namely the interfaced business themes are cosmetics and perfumes or fragrances in beauty shops.


The real body is created by means of atoms of the material world, and has a dense skeleton and various less dense environments.
The corporal environment forms visible erotic shapes, but in essence a man or woman are not limited by a corporal surface, as the image of a person reaches in metaphysical space outside of material volumes of a body.
erotic figures of female bodies as labels of cosmetic production

Erotic metaphysical space or arts of erotic figures for cosmetic and perfume production..


anatomic conceptions and sunburn in sun decks of solariums

Symbol of invisible shapes as labels of cosmetics and perfumes.

In other space where there is no limit to geometrical sizes, where human bodies consist of unknown structures which differ from direct anatomic conceptions and visible erotic shapes.
These are unknown structures, but however it is structures which have a design and possess concrete shapes.
Our sense organs cannot perceive the world in all completeness and consequently much remains invisible, but the hidden world is shown in visible shapes as symbols, and in particular in the form of erotic symbols of a body.
Possibly, spheres of human spirit are formed by spiral structures, namely it is possible to assume that spiral shapes in combinations to figures of female bodies symbolize space of human spirit.
But I cannot approve that it so, and I can not be assured that my erotic drawings correspond to the validity, but in geometrical and mathematical proportions of human bodies there are many acknowledgement to my assumptions and my concepts of erotic sensuality or erotisme.
shapes of human spirit are formed by spiral structures

Mathematical proportions of female figures or
sensuality of body shapes for keeping beauty and youth of a skin..

erotic impressions on labels of cosmetic production

Drawing of human essence or design of beauty full shapes as pictures on labels of cosmetic creams.

I understand own erotic drawings only as approximate sketches which designate visible and invisible shapes of human essence. But I hope that these images, executed by me in this gallery of erotic labyrinths, correspond to the phenomenal image according to which the Creator has traced human bodies.


About sensuality of art corporal shapes and erotic impressions on labels of cosmetics for skin care and keeping beauty.
And also about cosmetic creams for massage and physiotherapeutic sunburn in sun decks or solariums.