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erotic gallery of fine arts

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erotic labyrinths as fine arts of graphic drawings

Erotic gallery of fine arts.
Models of female figures.

The shown erotic labyrinths in this gallery concern to the category of graphic drawings, but it is possible to draw analogies to different visual resources of the fine arts. And it is possible to find visible attributes of conformity in various art associations and directions of the fine arts.

The shown erotic drawings of female figures can be applied as logos or name tags of lady's clothing or men's fashion, and in particular picture logos for brand models of clothing, or design tags of fashion and stylish couture.
For example, the shown figures of female bodies can be elements of marketing in catalogs of fashionable design clothes, or illustrations in fashion magazines, or can be scenery of fashion show demonstrations and parades of wear collections, or can be name tags of modeling agencies and houses of haute couture. As erotic lines of the shown female figures can symbolize fashion styles and collections of lady's or men's clothing.
Namely the interfaced web themes are fashion shows and logo design for brand models of clothing.


The Nazca desert figures on plateau Naska or Nazca in Peru and the magic Celtic labyrinths are megalithic monuments and stone landscapes which purpose is not clear to the contemporary mankind, but it is possible to connect desert figures of Naska with the erotic labyrinths which are shown in this gallery.
Also interesting labyrinthine spirals in combinations to figures and shapes of human bodies can be seen in Khakassia. In Khakass labyrinthine spirals too there are complex geometrical ratios and proportions which are comparable to the shown graphic drawings of female figures.
In essence desert figures of plateau Naska in Peru or stone landscapes of the Celtic labyrinths or spiral pictures of megalithic monuments in Khakassia, or other petroglyphs and rock engravings of the ancient world can not be considered as primitive creativity or primitive rock arts, as only it seems to the contemporary people that naive shapes and contours are drawn on rocks.
figures of Naska and Celtic labyrinths in gallery

Complex geometrical labyrinths as models of female figures.


antique Greek sculptures as erotic samples of human bodies

Erotic samples of human bodies for logo design of fashion collections.

Antique Greek sculptures are excellent erotic samples of human bodies, though it is unreal body shapes which have supernatural lines and perfect proportions of absolute human or can be divine forms.
The shown erotic drawings are not sculptures, but in some cases graphic lines of female shapes in this gallery correspond with supernatural erotic proportions of the Greek sculptural figures.
The graphic drawings are the category of fine arts where a key attribute are precise and exact lines which designate contours of bodies, and in essence designate geometrical proportions according to which female shapes seem sensual and beautiful.
Graphic lines can deviate exact human proportions, but however some lines of the shown erotic drawings follow beauty proportions of an ideal and perfect female body.
erotic fine arts for fashion shows and logo design

Beauty proportions of a female body or illustration for fashion magazines.

erotic images as marketing styles in collections of lady's or men's clothing

Erotic art images or marketing styles for collections of lady's clothing.

Painting as the category of fine arts is the imaging of inexact forms, as paint pictures are connected with multi-color perception of landscapes or body shapes
Paints are capable to express or demonstrate an emotional content and consequently erotic pictures of human bodies by means of color painting can cause sexual desire. But however some artistic images and erotic pictures allow to be discharged of sexual moods, that allows only to observe how impressions of a sensual beauty is shown on multi-color surface of painting pictures.

I do not speak about pictures having obvious sexual contents which express instinctive sexual desires which are excited in physiological sensations of spectators who are interested in sexual sensations.


The impressionism and expressionism as categories of fine arts are exclusive using of paint colors for expressions of desires or demonstrations of visual impressions. These directions of the fine arts do not draw proportions and shapes of human bodies precisely, but impressionists and expressionists draw aura and emotional moods caused by colors of human aura.
The impressionism and expressionism are absolute pictures of sensual displays which avoid exact shapes and intentionally designate sensuality of human bodies no concrete or abstract.

* * *

In total art concepts of the shown erotic drawings can be correlated to different directions and categories of the fine arts, but in essence drawings show the graphic arts, and each drawing is the aspiration to ideal erotic lines of a female body.

female body proportions for modeling agencies and haute couture

Erotic fine arts or design tags of fashion and stylish couture.


pictures of sensual displays for catalogs of fashion design

Sensuality of a human body or tags for modeling agencies and houses of haute couture.


About erotic drawings of female figures as name tags of a fashion design and proportions of the Greek sculptural shapes.
And also about sensuality of the fine arts and marketing styles in collections of lady's or men's clothing.