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erotic gallery of female bodies

A ideal lines

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erotic shapes and ideal bodies for cosmetics of skin care

Ideal erotic images of female bodies.
Beauty full lines of human shapes.

The human body has material sensual shapes and an ideal erotic image.
Visible bodies can be apprehended by sight, but ideal images are similar to absolute harmonies of other worlds and are distinct hardly in real human bodies. As the valid matter is deformed in comparison with ideal beauty, and consequently any material nature cannot correspond to concepts of ideal erotic images.

The shown erotic figures of female images can be taken as logotype labels or trademark brands for perfumery marketing, and also the shown erotic drawings can decorate show-windows of perfume shops and trading halls selling perfumes or fragrances.
For example, erotic images of female bodies can be considered as elements of window dressing in online perfume shops where cosmetic creams for skin care are on sale, and also brand name designer fragrances or deodorants are on sale, as spiral lines of the shown figures can symbolize perfume aromas or fragrances and cosmetic smell deodorants.
Namely the interfaced internet theme is online shopping of fragrances and cosmetics.


Realistic art cannot represent a human body as perfect because in a reality there can not be ideal perfection. But the imagined body can be similar to the perfect erotic image if is attempt to draw ideal proportions and to embody beauty full harmony.
Though such attempt is improbable, and consequently any desire to embody ideal human essence appears in deviations from the material validity.
images of a female body can be similar to a beauty full harmony

Ideal human images as logotype labels for perfumery marketing.


sexual impressions in cosmetic aromas of perfumes and fragrances

Images of sexual impressions to decorate show-windows of perfume shops.

The material body can be naked or can be latent by clothes and fashion underwear.
The clothes give to bodies an artificial appearance and hide obvious attributes of nakedness that allows to perceive sensuality of a body abstract from sexual impressions. Therefore human bodies can be more beautiful rather than actually if are dressed with clothes, and if a fashion design follows not real but to ideal erotic lines in bodies of men or women, or top models of fashion shows.
Erotic drawings in this gallery too follow not real but to imagined lines of a beauty female body.
Any art or fashion design is deprived plausibility and is fiction.
My drawings too are the invented erotic shapes which differ from the valid material contours of human bodies, but everyone drawing is successful or unsuccessful attempt to see ideal erotic shapes.
Actually drawings of this gallery not always correspond with a preliminary plan and ideal erotic images which are similar to absolute harmonies and beauty of other worlds, but in each drawing it is possible to see some lines which are beautiful and worthy.
fashion design follows not real but to ideal lines of a body

Drawings of erotic harmonies can symbolize perfume aromas or fragrances.


ideal erotic harmonies and show-windows in perfume shops

Erotic contours of female bodies as trademark brands for perfumery marketing.



About ideal erotic images of female bodies and show-windows in perfume shops.
And also about spiral lines as symbols of cosmetic aromas of perfumes and design of fragrances or deodorants.