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Resource 6.
Gallery of female bodies.

Lines of drawings or pictures of this online art gallery have different cross-section sizes or otherwise to tell non-uniform transverse width, that differs from usual technical charts and geometrical designs or graphical images which are drawn with standard pencils or paint markers.
It creates bewitching or charming and fascinating art effect, because non-uniform width or cross-section sizes of graphical lines correspond with universal outlines and proportional shapes of beautiful female body.
Most evidently this fascinating art effect and geometrical ratio of non-uniform cross-section sizes of graphical lines with proportions and universal shapes of beautiful female body can be seen in the drawing or figure which within resource 6 of this online gallery has serial number 53.
Pay attention that contemporary computer programs and digital graphic editors of images do not possess functions which allow to draw raster or vector lines of non-uniform cross-section sizes. This fact can be interesting to software developers and experts who create digital codes of computer programs for designers and visual artists.
In some computer programs it is possible to find digital tools and functions which allow to simulate art dabs or strokes of paint brushes as in painting pictures of artists. But all known raster and vector software programs do not possess digital potentials which would allow designers and visual artists to specify concrete sizes of graphical dabs and strokes, namely to draw any lengths and non-uniform widths of lines on screens of personal computers.


classes of massage drawings of female shapes improving balneotherapy


symbols of fitness training technique of fitness exercises healthy-lifestyle exercises


physiotherapeutic devices massage and gym trainers physical medicine


procedures of water treatment equipments for physiotherapy fitness of physical medicine


elite services of improving physiotherapy massager machines


water treatment of SPA resorts medical SPA procedures

Alongside these graphic drawings in gallery of female bodies can have indirect parallels with equivalent themes.
Classes of massage and healthy-lifestyle exercises.
Drawings of female shapes and symbols of fitness training.
Improving balneotherapy and water treatment of SPA resorts.
Technique of fitness exercises and procedures of water treatment.
Physiotherapeutic devices and massager machines.
Massage and gym trainers of medical SPA procedures.
Fitness equipments for physiotherapy and  physical medicine.
Elite services of improving physiotherapy and physical medicine.


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