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drawing of a beauty female body in GIF fileArt gallery of erotic drawings.
Design of female body.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
Resources of this art gallery of erotic drawings represent female bodies as complex labyrinths which are formed by linear structures of geometrical spirals. These are erotic symbols considered as phenomena of a human nature which consists in correlations of graphic figures in sensual recognition of proportions and shapes of a beauty female body.
Graphic drawings are real paper sheets, namely are pictured with pencils and traced with ink (paint markers are sometimes used). In some cases contours are traced in part and pencil sketches remain seen.
Sometimes retouching with color graphite is applied.
The paper drawings are grouped in resources which are designated with numbers.
Art resources 1st-7th represent erotic drawings which are optimized for the screen resolution 800x600 and which have sizes of paper sheets approximately 210x297 millimeters. And the art resource 8th represents erotic drawings which are optimized for the screen resolution 1024x768, and have sizes approximately 245x350 millimeters.
Art concepts of the shown erotic drawings in abstract texts, and also GIF files with images of female bodies designed by means of computer graphic arts are separated in resources which are designated with letters.
It is not animated gif files.
Initially computer digital images of GIF files (and for example the erotic image at the right) existed on a paper, but real sheets were scanned and edited in the art computer program, then paper sheets were destroyed on account of unsatisfactory quality.
Digital images of GIF files illustrate pages of this erotic gallery, and also GIF files of beauty female bodies are collected in art resources which are designated with letters.
Mazes are artistic images or figures of normal logic labyrinths which have no basic art values and any attitude to beauty design of female body outlines. But drawings of this resource are topological problems or intellectual puzzles.
Image of labyrinths in this gallery are presented as symbols TAO of Chinese philosophy and mandalas of Tibetan Buddhism, also as signs on multi-radiant swastikas and figures of multivariate spirals which can be applied in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis to psychological training and meditations, also for concentration and expansion of consciousness.

Besides on pages of this website among erotic galleries there are sections with the information on proportions or shapes in types of body builds, and also about poses of human bodies.
Constitutions of a body. This section presents logic charts allowing to correlate psychological characteristics and features of human personality with male and female shapes or forms, namely with formal parameters of physical types of body builds which are systematized by means of symbols of the Chinese canon i-jing, also with morphological modifications and somatic versions which correspond to numbers of Pythagorean numerology and images of mythological gods of Ancient Greece, that in aggregate forms uniform anthropognomic system of corporal figures of constitution.
Also this section of website presents galleries of images which allow to identify types of body builds and figures of constitutions.
Correlations of bodies is the section with information on psychological meanings which are caused by physical shapes, also on methods for identification of constitutional body types according to astrological planets in signs of zodiac and zodiacal houses in birth maps and horoscopes of people from the view point of astrology. Also this section among erotic galleries has data about sympathies or antipathies which are caused by formal types of physical body builds, and caused by interrelations of corporal shapes with planets in zodiacal signs and houses in celestial birth maps and natal horoscopes of people.
Poses of a body. It is the section which within present erotic gallery gives information about logical system which is coordinated with symbols of the Chinese canon of changes i-jing and allowing to analyze emotional conditions which can be displayed in poses or otherwise to tell dynamic positions of physical figure of human body.
Also this section gives information on parities of formal levels of physical body figure with astronomical orbits of planets in solar system and mathematical sizes of heavenly spheres in world space, mythological images of Hermopolis cosmogony system of ancient Egypt and sculptures of Greek gods, structural components of human essence in Chinese philosophy and alchemy of Taoism, psycho-physiological characteristics of people in mystical mythology of Zoroaster and phenomena of thinking in old Indian philosophical system Nyaya.
Poses are not erotic. Namely graphic figures of poses have no attitude to sexual positions of the Kama Sutra.
Configurations of poses is the section with information on methods for analyses of human mutual relations according to emotions which are shown in poses of people.
In this section of website there is information on 36 configurations according to eight trigrams ba gua in 64 hexagrams of canon I Ching. Also there is information on other logic systems and charts according to which it is possible to analyze poses of human bodies during intercourse of people.
Logical construction of body is section which compares physical human figure with anthropological and cosmological schemes of various philosophical systems of mankind.
In particular logical construction of human body is shown according to concepts of Indian Yoga and philosophical system Samkhya.
Tao philosophy and alchemy of ancient China.
Tantric philosophy of Hinduism and Buddhism.
Philosophical concepts of occult Hermetic alchemy and Indian Jainism.
Gymnastic exercises Wushu and breathing training Chi Gung.
Martial art Kung Fu and traditional Chinese medicine.

Нравится анальный секс? Тогда вам сюда!

Also on pages of this website there is the information on correcting of body figures by healthy weight loss. Or methods of healthy food nutrition and diet program of fitness for fat loss therapy and treatments of obesity. About exercise equipment for bodybuilding and fitness. About beauty shops and SPA treatments for body care. About plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine. About gym rooms and fitness equipment for fast weight loss exercises or healthy training. About erotic swimwear and bathing suits for travels on sea beach resorts. About SPA massage and health lifestyle or natural living.
Namely the information on morphology of human bodies and types of builds can be considered as useful to men and women who are interested in methods of health food nutrition and diets for lose weight, also for fitness training and gym exercises which correct figures of female bodies with different morphological types of constitutions.

I hope that the shown erotic drawings will be interesting!
I can sell this graphic sheets and computer images, and also it is possible to buy sketches of this erotic images for interior design.
Besides I can draw necessary erotic drawings which are necessary for your web design.
Drawings on paper sheets with pencils and ink images can be objects of erotic art collections.
In total sketches of the presented erotic images can be used for interior design and advertising of other store spaces, or for website design of Internet marketing or for web-design on websites of online business and internet shops. Namely the shown sensuality of drawings can be used in window dressing of beauty and perfume shops, or the shown sensual erotic drawings can be sketches for logo design of cosmetics and perfumes. Or sensual figures of a female body can be signboards of spa and fitness business, or shopping of female lingerie, and also graphic design of modeling agencies and fashion marketing. Or female shapes can be interesting for decorating nightlife dancing clubs and concert tickets or placards of pop music. Or for diamond jewelers of jewelry shops.


Translation of this web site into English language is made by me.
I am not sure in correctness of translation.
Inform how to correct if any words or statements are wrong.
Also inform your impressions and offers.

Sergey Leonidovich Panphilov.

e-mail: panf-sergey@list.ru or panfsergey@gmail.com

I hope that the shown design of female bodies and erotic drawings, and also art concepts of the shown sensuality, and also morphological system of human body builds (types of constitutions) and symbolical poses of this online gallery will be worthy your attention.
In the catalogue of references it is possible to exchange banners.

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