figures of mazes

mazes of female body

Art gallery of mazes.
Figures of labyrinths.

Drawings in this art gallery are logic puzzles or intellectual geometrical conundrums in which erotic figures, and in essence graphical contours and forms of a female body are formed by lines of labyrinths or mazes which can be considered as symbols TAO of Chinese philosophy. Because lines in mazes are dark and symbolize category YIN in art images of symbols TAO. And geometrical space in outlines of lines is white and symbolizes category YANG. Namely it is possible to perceive graphical drawings or figures of female bodies and geometrical labyrinths or mazes in this art gallery not only as logic puzzles and intellectual conundrums, but also as symbols TAO.
If to follow along dark lines in art gallery of mazes then topological way in labyrinth will be passed according to philosophical principle of category YIN. And if human eyesight follows geometrical space between lines then topological way of labyrinth  in art gallery of mazes will be passed according to category YANG. But in any case there will be realization of philosophic TAO which forms a maze or labyrinth.


1images in art gallery 2originals of drawings 3psychological training 4way of eccentric labyrinth

5eyesight to lines of mazes 6magnetic poles 7hypnotic influence 8spiral lines of labyrinths

9graphical shapes of a female body 10collective training of attention 11multi-colored linear configurations 12colors of rainbow spectrum

13three centers of color sensations 14TAO of Chinese philosophy 15concentration of attention 16entrance in maze

17solar swastika and symbol TAO 18spirals of Triskelion 19sacral geometrical figures 20sacral mandalas of Tibetan Buddhism

21objects of meditation 22proportions of YIN and YANG 23dual human nature 24patterns on fingers

25visual images of artistic abstractions 26pictures for psychological training

Images of mazes in art gallery have links with various aspects and themes of human life.
Intellectual images of labyrinths in art gallery.
Originals of graphic drawings for polygraph design.
Art mazes for psychological training of attention.
Female body as way of eccentric labyrinth.
Eyesight to lines of labyrinth in art gallery.
Direction of spirals in labyrinths and magnetic poles.
Spiral labyrinths and hypnotic influence on consciousness.
Spiral lines of maze in a brain cerebral cortex.
Graphical shapes of a female body and effect of dizziness.
Posters and placards collective training of attention.
Multi-colored linear configurations of logical patterns.
Colors of rainbow spectrum in visual logic puzzles.
Three centers of color sensations in multi-colored mandalas.
Mystical signs or symbols TAO of Chinese philosophy.
Concentric stone spirals and concentration of attention.
Concentration as entrance in Celtic labyrinths.
Solar swastika and symbol TAO of Celtic stone labyrinth.
Three-radiant spirals of labyrinths or Triskelion.
Sacral graphic geometrical figures and mandalas.
Meditations with mandalas of Tibetan Buddhism.
Symbols TAO and intellectual mazes as objects of meditation.
YIN and YANG in labyrinths and expansion of consciousness.
Mazes of logic puzzle and dual human nature.
Papillary patterns on fingers as configurations of mazes.
Visual images of labyrinths in artistic abstractions.
Pictures for psychological training in art gallery.


I hope that graphic images of sacral labyrinths or artistic mazes in gallery will be interesting as logic geometrical puzzles and intellectual mystical figures of female bodies.