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Choose miniatures of puzzles or graphical mazes at the left and corresponding erotic images will be open in this zone of online art gallery.
Sizes of images on computer monitors are approximately 5-9 KB.

Usually people solve logic puzzles or otherwise to tell topological problems of graphical mazes or labyrinths by means of pencils on a paper, or on pages of magazines or newspapers. Namely people draw graphical lines with a pencil and search for topological ways in labyrinths. But visual field or zone of view within this online art gallery is a screen of computer monitor. Namely logic puzzles or graphical mazes are shown as images on screens of computer monitors or displays of notebooks, that does not allow to use graphite of pencils. But it is possible to survey graphical figures of geometrical labyrinths or mazes by eyesight and to search for ways of puzzles.
Eyes and eyesight can be sufficient visual tools for decision of the shown erotic riddles.

It seems that in the shown puzzles or graphical mazes of female bodies there is no practical expediency or otherwise to tell utilitarian profit. But on underside of table menus at restaurants or in advertising leaflets there can be images of labyrinths or graphical mazes as intellectual entertaining puzzles or logical conundrums. Also illustrated magazines sometimes publish images and pictures of various entertaining logic puzzles and including graphical figures of labyrinths and mazes. It is caused by bewitching beauty and harmony of lines which form geometrical figures of labyrinths. Also it is caused by mysterious or otherwise to tell mystical riddles which are ciphered in harmonious lines of geometrical labyrinths and graphical mazes. In any case intellectual puzzles or entertaining conundrums of labyrinths and mazes are images which bewitch human perception and draw attention of people. And especially in that case when graphical labyrinths and mazes form mysterious symbols or figures of erotic drawings and pictures.
Graphical mazes and labyrinths of this online gallery are unusual as correspond with figures or shapes of a female body, that is especially attractive to human perception. Also figures of labyrinths and mazes of this online art gallery correspond with mystical signs and esoteric symbols TAO of Chinese philosophy or multi-radiant solar swastikas of various ancient cultures of human civilization, that bewitches human perception as mysterious puzzles and philosophical riddles.
Therefore erotic labyrinth drawings and graphical maze pictures of female bodies of this online art gallery can be demanded as entertaining images on underside of table menus at restaurants if restaurateurs develop art of meal and are interested not only in a high status of food but concern to nutrition as to philosophy of human life, that is comparable to philosophical symbols TAO. Also entertaining labyrinth drawings and graphical maze pictures of this art gallery can be demanded by publishers of illustrated magazines if journalists and managers of publishing corporations are interested in readers who like mysterious symbols of logic puzzles and philosophical riddles of human life in geometrical conundrums.
Or publishers of advertising leaflets can choose geometrical puzzles of graphical mazes or amazing conundrums of female bodies among images and drawings in this online gallery.


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