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erotic spirals for show-windows of jewelry stores

Erotic figures of spirals.
Geometrical formula of a body.

Objects of the world from molecules up to galaxies can be calculated within the geometrical formulas, and including by means of geometrical formula of a spiral. As physical and biological processes in world are carried out as a spiral and have a appearance of whirlwinds in development.
Namely time moves as a spiral and repeats, but on each convolution changes amplitude of developing events. The life of biological essences develops as spirals, and in essence the life as a whole is a whirlwind which looks like a development of a genetic spiral.

Sketches of the shown erotic figures can make out show-windows of jewelry stores and jeweler's shops, and also can decorate packing of various accessories for body art, or otherwise tell accessories necessary for art of ornaments and beauty decorating of female bodies.
In particular sketches of erotic figures of this gallery can be presented on trade polyethylene packages in perfume and cosmetic shops, or on jewellery case boxes in jewelry stores and shops. Or the drawn female bodies can be presented on packing of any other beauty products or accessories for women.
And also on gift packing in which men give gifts to women. Namely on gift packing of wedding dresses, or on case boxes of engagement rings or wedding ring sets.
Namely the interfaced online themes are jewelry shops and wedding dresses or ring sets for gifts to women.


Albuminous molecules are made of amino acids and twirled as geometrical spiral that forms shapes a human body.
Genetic spirals form structure of any alive essence, and also physical shapes a human body is only some genetic model among many others.
human body is some genetic model among many others

Erotic forms of a genetic model as packing of accessories for body art


albuminous molecules are twirled as a spiral in shapes a human body

Beauty decorating of female bodies for engagement or wedding ring sets.

Spirals are figures which have the fundamental geometrical formula, and as a matter of fact spirals determine structure of the world, and also determine erotic shapes and physical proportions of human bodies.
The beauty and sensuality of a human female body are caused by similarity to spirals which are incorporated in physical shapes of body proportions.
The shown erotic drawings in this gallery are attempt to see absolute spiral lines which model ideal proportions and sensual harmonies of a female figure, and also to see the spiritual image which is embodied in people.
As the spirit looks like a spiral.
erotic shapes and proportions of a body for wedding dresses

Model of ideal proportions for wedding dresses or gift ring sets.

trade polyethylene packages in perfumery and cosmetic shops erotic drawings for beautiful packing of accessories for body art ideal proportions and harmonies of a spiritual human image

Spirals of spiritual images for packages of fragrances in perfume shops.


About sensuality in the geometrical formula of a genetic spiral and trade packing of jewelry or beauty accessories for body art.
And also about packages of fragrances in perfume shops and decorating of wedding dresses or engagement ring sets or other wedding gifts.