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Graphic drawings or figures in this online gallery are calculated, because lines of each image have commensuration with geometrical proportions of human body. Namely graphic lines of drawn bodies are not unreasonable tracings which result from spontaneous or mechanical movement of a hand, also are not similar to calligraphic inscriptions which are derivatives of long exercises and development of handwriting for a beautiful sketching of alphabetic characters or hieroglyphs. But each graphic line is drawn by means of multiple consecutive tracings as a result of which physical movements of a hand commensurate outlines of drawing with artistic figure of ideal female body which has perfect geometrical proportions.
Look information about ideal figure and perfect proportional lines of female bodies on pages of other website in online art gallery of phantom images where graphic drawings or pictures are created according to rules of geometry and mathematics, namely according to linear configurations of correct geometrical polygons.


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In the end of eighth resource of this online art gallery I bring to your attention three figures or pictures which are created by means of other technique of drawing, namely are drawn with graphite pencils and oil pastel.
In essence three shown figures are not graphic pictures, because the art material is oil pastel which has application in painting. But however these figures can be considered as artistic graphics from the view point of fine arts.
The oil pastel is not beautiful art material from the view point of artists and painters. But if to scrape picture with a metal scraper then unattractive or otherwise to tell ordinary-looking oil layers of pastel strokes can be scratched and smoothed on a surface of paper, and as a result can be smooth both shining, and then art image can be very attractive to eyes.
In the future I wish to draw by means of such pastel technique, but now there are only three figures of body lines or pictures which I bring to your attention in this online art gallery.

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Also this online gallery of body lines within resource 8 contains information about art interiors and exhibitions of artists, galleries of pictures and private collection where the shown graphic images or drawings of ideal female figures can be exposed on sale and can be sold in expositions of painting or other fine arts.