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Resource 7.
Gallery of body perspectives.

Some lines of the shown graphic drawings form crossings, and consequently there is visual impression as if female bodies are transparent because possess geometrical perspectives in space of art images. Namely if crossing lines designating outlines and contours of graphical bodies on different distances of geometrical perspectives then figures of images seem transparent.
For example, figures of transparent bodies are represented on drawings which have serial numbers 112 and 113 within resource 7 of this online art gallery, because crossing lines designate outlines and contours on different distances of geometrical spatial perspectives.
Near right leg of female figure seems transparent in relation with distant left leg, because outlines of body regions are located on various distances of geometrical perspectives in space of art images.


plastics of female shapes


drawing of body perspectives


consultation of cosmeticians


cosmetic clinics of plastic surgery


medicinal cosmetology


medical centers of cosmeticians


aesthetic cosmetology


plastic surgery of aesthetic medicine


aesthetics of female body

Furthermore graphic drawings of body perspectives of this art gallery can be seen in contexts of adjacent themes.
Plastics of female shapes and medicinal cosmetology.
Drawing of body perspectives and consultation of cosmeticians.
Cosmetic clinics of plastic surgery and aesthetics of female body.
Aesthetic cosmetology and medical centers of cosmeticians.
Plastic surgery of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic clinics.


Following resource 8 in gallery of body perspectives.