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Resource 5.
Gallery of geometrical bodies.

Outlines of graphical drawings or figures of this online art gallery are rounded or elliptic, that corresponds with round and oval geometrical forms of human bodies. But in some cases graphical lines of drawings form angular linear contours which are similar to polygonal geometrical figures, that contradicts elliptic shapes of natural human body. Such drawings or figures in gallery make impression of unreal and fictitious forms or imaginative bodies which belong to supernatural essences or mythical entities of other worlds or preternatural geometrical measurements.
In particular 82nd and 83rd drawings in the fifth resource of gallery have outlines which are similar to polygonal geometrical figures which can be perceived as bodies or shapes of supernatural essences of other worlds.


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Besides graphical figures or drawings in this art gallery of geometrical bodies can be connected with parallel themes.
Drawing of geometrical body for burning fat.
Drawing for rejuvenation of organism.
Figure for recovering diet and cure of obesity.
Dietetic foodstuffs and healthy life style.
Medical programs for lose weight and treatment of adiposity.
Menu for recovering diet and dietetic lose weight.
Dietary cure of obesity and medicinal weight reduction.
Medical dietary feed and medicinal recovering programs.
Methods for growing thin and healthy life style.


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