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Gallery of body symbols.

Lines of graphic drawing of this online art gallery in some cases are similar to locks and ringlets of female hair, or remind crinkles of grey substance in cerebral cortex of human brain if linear configurations of geometrical spirals form labyrinths which are located at area of head.
Also lines of geometrical spirals of the shown drawings associate with veins and arteries of blood system of human heart if labyrinths in space of female body are located at area of breast.
Or lines of geometrical spirals have mental associations with a womb of woman if spatial figures of labyrinths are located at area of belly.
Namely spiral lines of geometrical labyrinths in space of human bodies in borders of the shown images can be considered as symbols of consciousness which according to mythological notions of ancient people correspond with hair and head. Also spiral lines of labyrinths can be considered as symbols of human soul which according to mythological notions of ancient people has position in breast. Or geometrical spirals of labyrinths in space of human body can be perceived as a symbol of female womb or belly which symbolizes eternity and has associative connection with desires of women according to ancient mythological notions.


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