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resource of body outlines


Resource 3.
Gallery of body outlines.

Graphical figures or drawings of this online art gallery in some cases are retouched with color graphite, that makes impression of visual reality of the shown images and spaces in which there are outlines of female bodies. Because white paper seems empty space or otherwise to tell illusory system of geometrical coordinates where body outlines are perceived as virtual figures. Namely white paper sheets have perception as emptiness which is similar to blinding snow space where eyesight loses outlines of linear contours of female bodies in dazzling whiteness, but color retouch makes impression or sensation of a visible reality in which images seem valid.
Graphical image of each body outline on color surface of paper has perception as a real or original figure existing in space of valid geometrical coordinates.


stylish design drawing in gallery of outlines style dressmakers


modeling agencies and boutiques couturiers and stylish design fashion modelers of clothes


elegant models couturiers and style dressmakers vogue fashionable boutiques


vogue catalogues of clothes stylish dressmakers


design of fashionable boutiques catalogues of fashion clothes fashion modelers and dressmakers


body outlines for designers catalogues of fashion clothes arts of elegant designers

Also in the shown art gallery of body outlines it is possible to consider some identical themes.
Drawing in gallery of outlines for stylish dressmakers.
Stylish design arts of elegant designers.
Style dressmakers and elegant models.
Modeling agencies and boutiques.
 Stylish design of couturiers and style dressmakers.
Fashion modelers of clothes and vogue fashionable boutiques.
Vogue catalogues of clothes and design of fashionable boutiques.
Catalogues of fashion clothes for modelers and dressmakers.
Body outlines for designers and catalogues of fashion clothes.


Following resource 4 in gallery of body outlines.