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resource of labyrinth bodies


Resource 2.
Gallery of labyrinth bodies.

Some figures or separate elements of the shown graphic drawings of human bodies in this gallery are labyrinths, namely are intellectual logic puzzles in which lines form a geometrical way or otherwise to tell a topological problem.
And some drawings of this gallery are not ordinary geometrical labyrinths or otherwise to tell normal intellectual puzzles in usual value of this word. But all figures form linear designs or geometrical configurations which can be considered as volumetric labyrinths of a human body, if conditionally to present that images exist in three-dimensional space.
In particular graphic drawings or pictures with serial numbers 23 and 25 within 3rd resources of this art gallery of labyrinth bodies can be considered as versions of volumetric geometrical ways or topological problems.


bodybuilding and rhythmic gymnastics drawing of labyrinth bodies physical culture


graphic shapes of bodies bodybuilding and training simulators sporting exercise rooms


shaping and rhythmic gymnastics sporting aerobics aerobic exercises


physical shaping of bodies shaping of a body exercises of rhythmic gymnastics


training simulators aerobics of muscles figures of gallery


physical cultivation of muscles sports simulators physical gymnasiums


gymnastic rooms cultivation of muscles and gymnasiums improving body building

Also in this art gallery of labyrinth bodies it is possible to consider other conceptual themes.
Drawing of labyrinth bodies for rhythmic gymnastics.
Physical culture or graphic shapes of bodies for sporting aerobics.
Bodybuilding and training simulators.
Bodybuilding and sporting exercises.
Shaping of a body and rhythmic gymnastics.
Aerobic exercises for physical shaping of bodies.
Figures of art gallery as exercises of rhythmic gymnastics.
Training simulators and aerobics of muscles.
Sports simulators for physical cultivation of muscles.
Physical gymnasiums and gymnastic rooms.
Cultivation of muscles in gymnasiums for improving body building.


Following resource 3 in gallery of labyrinth bodies.