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Resource 1.
Gallery of sensual bodies.

Images are drawn with pencils and ink on a paper. Namely graphic contours of sensual bodies are drawn by graphite pencils and then traced by ink, or by marker paint of felt-tip pens. But lines of pencils are not traced by ink in some drawings, that forms artistic combinations of concrete and unobvious graphic contours. As pencil lines seem unobvious, that makes impression of implicit outlines of a body. And if lines are traced by ink then make impression of concrete contours of sensual body.


gallery of sensual bodies figure of body art illustrations of body art


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luxury jewellery and ornaments fashionable hair dressers accessories for arranging hair locks


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stylish hairstyles hairstyles and fashion magazines


decorative figure for arranging hair jewelry and fashion magazines

Art resources of the present gallery of sensual bodies can be considered with interfaced themes about fashionable hair dressers and stylish hairstyles, glamour charm and luxury jewelry in fashion magazines.
Art gallery of sensual bodies and figures for hair dressers.
Illustrations of body art and imitation of jewelry ornaments.
Luxury jewellery and accessories for fashionable hair dressers.
Body art and stylish hairstyles.
Decorative ornaments and accessories for arranging hair locks.
Design of hair dresses and imitation jewelry in fashion magazines.


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