Gallery of graphic bodies.

View area of images.

The gallery is free-of-charge, namely graphic drawing are open for viewing but however you should pay as for museums and art exhibitions.
Or compensate payment by one link from pages of your sites on this gallery of graphic bodies.
Or free-of-charge translation of texts of this art gallery into various foreign languages quite compensates payment.

Drawings of graphic bodies will be open in this view area.
Dimension sizes of images approximately are 25-35Kb.

In total eight resources form online gallery of graphic drawings in this website.
It is possible to tell that this gallery consists of eight exhibition halls.
Drawings of eight resources or exhibition halls have no names, but are numbered, that allows to identify visual row according to numbers.
Figures of graphic bodies or female images have no names, but each drawing has a number.
Numbers form a map according to which you can distinguish and find drawings in resources of gallery.

First resource: figures in gallery of sensual bodies.
Second resource: female figures as drawings of labyrinths.
Third resource: images in gallery of body outlines.
Fourth resource: graphical images in gallery of body symbols.
Fifth resource: drawings of geometrical bodies.
Sixth resource: pictures of female shapes.
Seventh resource: figures of drawing perspectives.
Eighth resource: art figures of body lines.

Eighth resource of this art gallery of graphic bodies unites drawings which have greater geometrical sizes of paper sheets. Namely pictures are drawn on sheets of paper of greate sizes in comparison with figures or images in other resources. But pictures in any case are drawn with graphite pencils, and then are traced by ink or markers.
Graphic bodies of eighth resource too have no names, but are numbered, that allows to identify visual row of this online art gallery.


Logic conceptions of graphical arts and sensuality of body shapes.